About us

The Austrian Society for Documentation and Information

The Austrian Society for Documentation and Information was founded in 1951 with the aim

  1. to assist the establishment of documentation and information centers, and
  2. to foster national and international co-operation and networking.

Today, OeGDI represents information and documentation professionals in libraries, archives, museums, documentation centers, as well as in industry and research in Austria when it comes to info-policy making. Our Society is a key player in developing new policies for the information society and in lobbying for its members. All activities for OeGDI are on a voluntary basis.

Once a year we jointly organize a vocational training course for prospective information professionals. In addition, we organize various lectures, workshops, and a biennial conference jointly with the librarians‘ Society. Last but not least, we fund and promote projects in the field.

Collaboration is sought for strategic issues in the development of information professions and the information society in Austria and world-wide. OeGDI holds „exchange memberships“ with BIS, DGI, OCG, Termnet, and is a member of ASIS&T European Chapter, BAM Austria, and VWGOe.